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Joy Ignites Passion for Yoga in Students

Joy Vanichkul has not only been an inspiration to our school, but a transformative Director of our Meditation and Yoga program. Her dedication and leadership have made possible a unique offering at TREE Academy, and her classes have quickly become the favorites of our students. Without her, TREE Academy would not be able to regularly offer students such advanced training, and because of her, we are at the forefront of what we hope will be commonplace for students in the future.

Darryl Sollerh

Joy Transformed My Life Completely

Joy Vanichkul, former international Super Model and successful Entrepreneur possesses extraordinary ability and sustained recognition in her field. She is a savvy business person with a very unique perspective and keen understanding of the consumer because of her experience and multi-layered skill set that includes business, aesthetics, beauty, fashion, fitness, and health as a way of life.

Mr. Theerachai Laokosakul

Joy Ignited My Passion for Wellness

I have known Joy Vanichkul for more than 15 years. When we first met, she was a renowned Supermodel in Thailand with a record of award-winning achievements. At the height of her modeling career, she decided to combine her success in the fashion and entertainment industry with her strong entrepreneurial interest in the complimentary arena of beauty and wellness. Spas of Thailand are second to none because of the distinctive traditional Thai massage and the outstanding Thai hospitality presented through the well-trained therapists.

Alan Kam

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